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The first ASEAN-China “Friendship and Cooperation”Short Video Contest Is coming!

ASEAN-China “Friendship and Cooperation” Short Video Contest

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 caught us all by surprise. However, the creative spirit of ASEAN and Chinese people in telling stories of friendship and cooperation are alive and well.In order to promote cultural cooperation, understanding, and people-to-people exchanges among our people and the rest of the world, we are organizing the First ASEAN-China “Friendship and Cooperation”Short Video Contest.
Film and video creators from China and ASEAN countries, especially the youth, are invited to participate in the competition and submit short videos on their stories of Life under Covid-19,ASEAN-China Cooperation on Fighting COVID-19, ASEAN-China Pragmatic Cooperation,People-to-People Exchanges, and My Favorite City in ASEAN or China. The videosare expected to build “bridges of communication” between the peoples of China and ASEAN countries.
An expert panel will be set up to review and evaluate the entries. Award winners will have the opportunity to attend the award ceremony in Suzhou, China.


The short videos will reflect ASEAN-China friendly cooperation on themes including but not limited to the following:

“Life under Covid-19 and ASEAN-China Cooperation on Fighting COVID-19”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, China and ASEAN countries have worked together,provided mutual support to each other, and enhanced public health cooperation. Tell stories of living and fighting against the pandemic,and how the people of both sides have supported each other in this fight.
Keywords: international cooperation, mutual medical assistance, pandemicbattlefront, volunteer service

‘Pragmatic Cooperation & People-to-People Exchange’

There have been many avenues for ASEAN-China exchanges and cooperation that have left lasting impressions, whether in the areas of  culture, education,sports, tourism, economy and trade.Bring these stories to life, the feelings, emotions and desires,while would provide a better understanding of the values of the younger generation and convey what they think about the exchanges and cooperation between ASEAN and China.
Keywords: culture, education, sports, tourism, economy and trade

My Favorite City’ (in China or any ASEAN)

The favorite city in your heart, and your feelings, views and expectations of it.
Tell the story of acity, its history and culture, its significance, why it’s special to you, , and your expectations for its future, among others,for the audience to feel the unique charm of the city.
Keywords: social life, personal stories, food, architecture, ASEAN-China sister cities



Video and film creators from China and ASEAN countries can participate in thecompetition as individuals, teams or companies, with no more than three submitted videos each.



The form of the entries is unlimited, from documentary to interview, talk show and so on, with each no longer than five minutes.
The videos will be based on real life, real people and real events, in order to spread positive energy.
The videos should not include content such as pornography, violence, religiousand racial discrimination, and product placement is not permitted.
The videos can be multilingual with English dubbing or subtitles. Video resolution should be 1,280 by 720 pixels. MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 formatare acceptable. Horizontal screen orientation is recommended.



July 3, 2020 – September 30, 2020.



You can send your videoand relevant material in the form of oversized attachments to Send your e-mail with the subject line: country -participant name-entry’s title, along with attachment of your application form (can be downloaded at the bottom of this page). You can also e-mail us the netdisk link and password of your short video products, preferably BaiduNetdisk in China, and Google Drive Netdisk in ASEAN countries.

Participants can log on the Kuaishou APP and search for “ASEAN” to enter the official page to participate in the event. You can also follow “China Report” official account on Kuaishou for newly posted videos and surprises.

Come on! Submit your video to Bilibili #Our World of Vision# to participate in the First ASEAN-China Friendly Cooperation Short Video Contest.



Selected entries will be broadcasted on the following platforms:
The award ceremony of ASEAN-China Friendly Cooperation Short Video Contest;
ASEAN-China conferences of 2020;
Domestic and overseas internet and social media platforms run by the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN and China International Publishing Group (CIPG);

Authoritative cooperation partners at home and abroad;
Large-traffic video platform Kuaishou, social media platform Facebook and Chinese video streaming website bilibili
And many more!



Fifty shortlisted works will be selected and awarded certificates.
Among the shortlisted works, 20 outstanding works will be selected and awarded a certificate and prize money of 2,000 RMB.
Among the outstanding works, five Jury Prize works will be selected with one for the Gold Award (16,000 RMB in prize money), two for the Silver Award (8,000 RMB) and two for the Bronze Award (4,000 RMB). Prize money for the Jury Prize and the outstanding works will not be double-counted.
The award-winning individuals/teams will have the opportunity to be invited to China and take part in the award ceremony and theme shooting activities.


Co-hosts & Co-organizers

Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN
China International Publishing Group
Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN
ASEAN Secretariat
China Public Diplomacy Association

China Report Press
Suzhou Municipal Internet Information Office
Communication University of China
China International Information Center
Beijing Xufang International Digital Culture Media…Co.,Ltd.
Xigua Video


Attachments: Rigisteration Form & Letter of Commitment (PDF) or (DOC)