Harmony in Diversity: The Real Daily Life in Xinjiang Multiethnic Society

Xinjiang is known for its beautiful natural scenery, and often dubbed “Heaven on Earth” by tourists. The cultural diversity between ethnic groups in the region enriches your experience in western China’s Xinjiang. What makes Xinjiang different is the harmony within its multiethnic society. Tacheng and Yili are two cities in Xinjiang that showed us an example of how we can build diversity and unity in communities while coexisting peacefully.

Reconstruction of Urban Villages in Shiqi Sub-district Meets People’s Needs and Creates a New Future

and rural areas, the municipal government of Ningbo has placed a high priority on rural development and effectively implemented its action plan for rural revitalization. A new comprehensive urban-rural development is now unfolding to promote high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture, build livable villages, and enhance villagers’ well-being.

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