Salute Inheritance!Empark Hotels & Resorts Releases Its City Luxury Hotel Brand—Empark Prime Hotel

The branding conference of Empark Prime Hotel and the Experience Day of Empark Prime Hotel Beijing were held in Beijing on August 28, 2022. At the conference, the brand of Empark Prime Hotel was officially released and Empark Prime Hotel Beijing fully opened as leaders pressed the “Empark Prime Hotel Seal”.

The brand concept of Empark Prime Hotel, a Chinese brand with global vision and representing wisdom and inheritance, was introduced at the conference: the brand, created by Empark Hotels & Resorts after two decades of hotel management, carries forward hospitality and humanity in Chinese culture, embodies Encourage, Integration, Creative, Affinity, Refined, Kindliness in service and is committed to going from Good to Great. With multi-functional and scene-based sightseeing and living spaces, Empark Prime Hotel Beijing creates an immersive art of living and becomes a very unique“City Luxury Mansion.”

At the salon session, industry guests, academic experts, consulting agencies and media voiced, taking Empark Prime Hotel as an example, opinions on the rise and branding of Chinese branded hotels.

With the grand release ceremony, Empark Prime Hotel Beijing announced its full opening. As the first work of Empark Prime Hotel, it is committed to be a city luxury hotel on the one hand; and will, on the other hand, uphold the principle of “Homely care for all returnees” and do its share in disseminating local and neighborhood culture, so as to be a new social landmark and classic with inheritance in the Wangfujing business district, a core cultural and commercial area in Beijing.

On the day of the release ceremony, an interactive experience and gourmet food were offered in the public areas of the Hotel, condensing ancient and modern scenes of China into an immersive time journey for each guest. Meanwhile, it held an art exhibition—“LOVE FOR ART”from Gao Xiaowu—for the first time, integrated art and living space. The exhibition will last until the end of October.

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