Evergreen Sino-Lao Friendship

Rooting a community with a shared future even deeper in the hearts of the two peoples

Originating from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Lancang River, known as the Mekong after it flows out of China, snakes through the land of Laos, bringing scenes of vitality. Since China and Laos established diplomatic relations 60 years ago, the two countries have endured thick and thin. Their friendship is like a surging river, constantly moving forward. China and Laos are good neighbors, friends, comrades, and partners. They were among the first countries to begin building a community with a shared future.

A Chinese saying suggests that neighbors wish each other well, just as loved ones would. Through patching up industry gaps in sectors such as energy, communication, and transportation, enhancing alignment of the two countries’ development strategies, and participating in the Belt and Road construction, Laos has continuously gained vigorous momentum for economic development in the process of deepening cooperation with China.

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