the 10th China Flower Expo will kick off in a week

Builders’ hard work and dedication help ensure the event is held as scheduled

The main entrance to the 10th China Flower Expo venue on Chongming Island, Shanghai, is graced by two lush “trees” stretching their branches skywards. Entering the expo park, one will see a beautiful picture composed of blooming flowers, thriving trees, clear lakes and emerald lawns. In just a week, on May 21, the 10th China Flower Expo will kick off here. When the day comes, Chongming Island will transform into a “sea of flowers,” greeting visitors from around the world with an impressive vista.

Venue of the 10th China Flower Expo

CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., a leading dock and port builder, undertook the construction of an ecological water system, three main pavilions, landscaping and other projects, which account for 80 percent of the overall construction of the expo venue. Thanks to its efforts, small water ponds have become artificial lakes with plenty of fish swimming around lush aquatic plants, and the previous farmland is now a tourist attraction amid thriving trees and blooming flowers. A research team from the company, comprised of nine members with an average age of 28, broke multiple technological bottlenecks and created a picturesque backdrop for the expo. Their hard work and dedication help ensure the event is held as scheduled.

Venue of the 10th China Flower Expo

The two steel lifelike “trees” at the main entrance are eye-catching in appearance and eco-friendly in functions. They can collect rainwater and store it in two hidden loop-shaped ditches at the “roots.” The rainwater collection system will disinfect the water before it is recycled for sanitation in the buildings near the main entrance. The rainwater recycling system at the foundation of the main entrance can transfer, store and purify recycled rainwater for watering and cleaning in the square area. With the help of 3D holographic imaging technology, the membrane structure of the expo’s gate can project images of blooming flowers. The gate is also the starting point of the night tour after the expo opens.

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