“One River, One Family” Lancang-Mekong Community Poster Design Contest | China-ASEAN


I. About the Contest

The Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) is an innovative sub-regional cooperation mechanism jointly established by six countries along the river. In March 2016, the mechanism identified three pillars of cooperation: political and security issues, economic and sustainable development, and social, cultural and people-to-people exchanges. In celebration of the third Lancang-Mekong Week and the fourth anniversary of the LMC, a charity poster design contest themed “One River, One Family” will be held by China Report ASEAN magazine in collaboration with its partners. Now, we are collecting submissions from designers from LMC member countries. If you understand how the LMC mechanism works and have passion for design, we’re looking for you! The event is aimed at enhancing understanding of the LMC mechanism, inspiring designers from LMC member states and illustrating the idea of a Lancang-Mekong community of shared future with art.

Theme: One River, One Family
We want designs that capture the theme of “One River, One Family” and present the idea of Lancang-Mekong community of shared future attractively. Work should be designed around the theme and feature positive messaging in an easy-to-understand form. The poster should also demonstrate expertise and aesthetic sensibility to ensure effective publicity.

II. Organizers

Organized by: China Report ASEAN & INTERNI

Communication under China International Publishing Group
Supported by: Beijing MW Foundation

III. Contest Period

Submission deadline: June 30, 2020

IV. Eligibility Requirements

Entries can be from designers, professional design organizations, art teachers and students or design enthusiasts from any LMC member country.

V. Rules and Submission Instructions

A. Copyright Notice
All entries must be original work and not previously published or submitted to a different competition. Entries cannot be sold for profit before June 30, 2020. Entrants must guarantee ownership of all intellectual property rights and ensure that they do not violate national regulations or infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Designers are responsible for any copyright issues involved in the content of their work.

If a shortlisted or awarded work is found to be plagiarized or have other intellectual property problems, the entry will be disqualified and the award recalled by the organizer. Relevant liability arising therefrom falls to the author.

The contest organizer reserves the right to display and publish award-winning works and to promote, publicize, exhibit and reproduce them for non-commercial purposes.

B. Poster Specifications
Online submissions should be in a JPG format and RGB color model with a resolution of 300dpi, dimensions of poster size of A3 (297×420mm) and a file size under 10MB. Source files are not required during the selection phase. The layout of the poster is not strictly limited. The number of entries per person (per group) is limited to three. Entries can be a single piece of work or a series (each series counts as one entry).

C. Review and Selection
Judging will be performed by the contest review committee with openness, impartiality and fairness. One entry will be awarded the top prize, the second prize will go to three entries, third prize to five, and several more will be selected for honorable mention. All winning selections will be displayed in the print version or official website of China Report ASEAN and INTERNI magazines. A theme exhibition will be held when scheduling permits.

Selection Criteria
Theme: clear and strong emphasis on the theme “One River, One Family” without ambiguity (20%)
Creativity: originality and innovative thinking (30%)
Artistry: elegant layout, professional design and attractive color scheme (20%)
Communication: Easy to understand and evoke emotion. Winning posters will be used for public purposes, so designers should consider that their work may be seen by young children. Avoid violent or risqué elements so that the design can be used for publicity. (30%)

D. Submission
Upload your design as an image. To ensure fairness, names (including English or pinyin abbreviations), icons, graphics and any other information about organizations and individuals must not appear in the poster name, description, main body of the work and related pictures. A description under 100 words should explain the concept and highlights of the work.

Alterations to entries and related information are not allowed after submission.

VI. Awards

First prize (1): certificate, trophy and prize
Second prize (3): certificate, trophy and prize
Third prize (5): certificate and prize
Honorable mention (many): certificate

VII. Submission

Email entries as an attachment (file name: your name + poster title) to chinareportasean@163.com.
Entry is totally free. The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules if needed.

VIII. Contact Information

Organizing Office of “One River, One Family” Lancang-Mekong Community Poster Design Contest
Address: Room 401, West Side Building, 24 Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100037
Tel.: 010-68995930
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chinareportasean
For more information, please follow the official WeChat account of China Report ASEAN or visit: http://www.chinareportasean.com.

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