The Power Supply Project for Laos-China Railway Moved to Full-Scale Construction | China-Laos


On March 18, 2020, when synchronously pouring the first tower foundation of all four bids, the Power Supply Project for Laos-China Railway started full-scale construction, a solid base for ensuring the commissioning of the project in March, 2021.

The Power Supply Project for Laos-China Railway is a mark of the Belt & Road Initiative to strengthen the infrastructure connectivity between China and Laso. The Project is invested, constructed and operated in BOT mode by a joint venture established by China Southern Power Grid Yunnan International Co., Ltd. (YNIC) and Electricite Du Laos (EDL).

The Project goes across Luang Namtha Province to Vientiane capital from the north to the south of Laos, including 20 circuits of 115kV transmission lines with total length of 257.5 km, 635 towers, and 11 substation bays. After completing, the project shall supply power from EDL’s grid to 10 Laos-China railway traction substations.

YNIC gives high concern to ensure high quality and safety in the construction management for creating a benchmark BOT power grid project in Laos by introducing unified management on the site work. Qinhua, a team member of the Project from YNIC indicated that applying a standard project management to all bids could guarantee the quality and progress of the project construction. He said, “We will apply YNIC’s successful experience in 230kV Power Grid Project of Northern Laos to the Project, applying CSG standards of high quality in constructing the Project.”

YNIC has been attaching great importance to prevent and control the COVID-19 when moving forward the Project. All the staffs on site have to strictly follow the measures to ensure healthy and minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the Project, ensuring power supply to the Laos-China Railway on time. So far, there have been 102 staffs from China and 47 from Laos working on sites. The construction materials have been transported in place.


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