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“Economic globalization represents the trend of history. Like the world’s great rivers, the Yangtze, the Nile, the Amazon and the Danube — they all surge forward in relentless flow, and nothing can stop their mighty movement” — Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) conveyed China’s message of openness and rational globalization that are beneficial to everyone.

In the history, with an open mind of great harmony and cooperation, China has established profound friendship with the countries of Southeast Asia. In the era of Industry 4.0, the new age has given this friendship a new meaning- what connects the people of China and Southeast Asia are not only the rivers of nature, but also the river of science and technology.

SIASUN’s innovations strengthen the connection of Southeast Asia

Project cooperation as the forerunner-SIASUN innovations stepped into Southeast Asia

With the largest robotic market in the world, China has developed a strategy of becoming a strong country with intelligent manufacturing at its core. SIASUN is one of the most important promoters of the strategy, which not only helps many enterprises to realize the upgrade of manufacturing, but also accumulated a rich experience on projects’ applications. The industrial development paths of Southeast Asia and China are similar. SIASUN has shared its achievements in intelligent manufacturing with its Southeast Asian partners to provide support for the transformation and upgrading of local enterprises and the application of industry 4.0:

In 2008,SIASUN has designed & developed an efficient and advanced fuel tank test & assembly line for Inergy Automotive Systems (Thailand). This project has opened up the cooperation for both enterprises, and also indicated that the innovations of China will play a great role in the upgrading of Southeast Asian manufacturing mode.

A metro maintenance station in Singapore: The AS/RS jointly constructed by SIASUN and Hitachi fully meets the needs of metros’ daily maintenance. This project is one of Singapore government procurement projects with high requirements for technical standards, manufacturing process management and quality control. The successful implementation of the project marks that the reliability, progressiveness and standardization of SIASUN automated logistics systems have reached a new level, which provides a guarantee for the travel convenience and traffic safety of local people. 

In the world largest medical technology company BD Singapore’s factory: SIASUN intelligent logistics system is carrying out the delivery, sorting and palletizing of finished medical devices. The implementation standard of the project not only meets the relevant domestic indicators, but also meets Singapore CP5 standard of and CE standard. This project further enhanced the technical strength of SIASUN intelligent logistics and opened a new era of intelligent logistics for medical devices in Southeast Asia.

A restaurant at the airport in Southeast Asia: SIASUN Plate Recycling Robots are busy serving-they are separating the catering service staffs from the heavy plate recycling works. Owing to their precise navigation and collision avoidance function, these robots can realize functions such as multi-area plate-recycling and full automatic return, which significantly increase the restaurant’s brand value as well as the economic value. Innovations of SIASUN in Southeast Asia have has spread from industrial production to public services and people’s life.

Port of Singapore – world’s largest transshipment container port: SIASUN Port Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are carrying heavy-goods despite of severe weather conditions such as high temperature, rain and high wind, etc. These AGVs adopt outdoor trackless navigation technology, which have increased the logistics operation efficiency. SIASUN has taken this project as an opportunity to continuously promote the extension of intelligent logistics technology to more special fields.

In the production workshop of a world-renowned semiconductor enterprise in Malaysia, more than 100 sets of SIASUN Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs) are working in the core link of flexible logistics transportation. SIASUN AMRs are integrated with intelligent mobile robots, collaborative robots, etc. which are fully meet the strict requirements in the intelligent digital workshop in term of running accuracy, and form an integrated solution of automatic and flexible intelligent workshop in the semiconductor test and packaging industry that can be replicated quickly. This project has significantly improved the flexible production capacity in the high-precision manufacturing field in Southeast Asia.

In the goods distribution center of a pioneering e-commerce in Southeast Asia: SIASUN high-speed sorting system is working. On the sorting machine loop line, hundreds of sorting cars operate in an orderly way. By adopting the form of one car with two belts, the system’s sorting efficiency up to 18,000 pieces/hour, which can undertake the sorting and transportation of massive parcels.

Branches as the base-SIASUN promotes manufacturing updates in Southeast Asia

With the accelerated development of internationalization, the partnership between SIASUN and Southeast Asian countries has gradually transformed from the initial project cooperation to all-dimensional, multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation with a more sound and systematic strategic layout:

In July 2017, SIASUN Automation (Singapore) Pte Ltd (SIASUN SG) was established, based in Singapore specifically serve the Asia Pacific customer. SIASUN SG fully integrates high-quality resources of Southeast Asia, and provides innovative products and high-quality services based on local needs, which is actively committed to the overall planning and implementation of regional industry 4.0, and constantly deepening the development strategy of globalization.

ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) is ASEAN’s premier annual business and investment event organized by ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC). This summit is held in conjunction with the ASEAN Summit every year in the host country. In 2018, SIASUN attended the summit as a gold sponsor, and engage with Leaders from Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, and Myanmar and beyond. Remarkable results have been achieved.

This year the Summit will be held under the theme of “Empowering ASEAN 4.0”, and SIASUN attended the summit as a sponsor again. Based on its rich exploration and practical experience in the field of industry 4.0, SIASUN once again received high attention from leaders and industry figures.

At the same time, SIASUN deeply integrates the education concepts of China and Germany, and plays a positive role in the promotion and implementation of industry 4.0 in Southeast Asia.

As the name card of the national high-end equipment manufacturing industry, SIASUN’s influence in Southeast Asia not only limited to the stage of “going global”, while a growing number of Southeast Asian government leadership and organization are visiting China & SIASUN, to witness the robotic kingdom.

The world economy is facing a historic choice. Deepening international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology is the only way to overcome the difficulties of global development. It also meets the common expectations of people around the world. SIASUN has successfully provided industrial upgrading services for more than 3,000 international enterprises around the world, and has served two-thirds of ASEAN countries. SIASUN is continuously providing professional products and high-quality services for the global market including Southeast Asia based on the innovation genes.

Nov.20-23, SIASUN will attend METALEX 2019 (robotic theme show) in Bangkok of Thailand. SIASUN wish to take attending the exhibition as an opportunity to further promote the in-depth integration of scientific and technological innovation with the development of Southeast Asia, and continuously to share the innovative achievements to benefit the world village!


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