Move Forward and Succeed Together | China-Thailand

By Phoovasit Phirarhdithsayasak (CRA Bangkok Office)


Thailand and Chengdu City in the People’s Republic of China, organized the Thai-Chengdu Cooperation Week 2018 during 15-19 December at Bangkok, Thailand, under the theme ‘Start a new dimension of cooperation, move forward and succeed together’.
During the event, Chengdu City has organized many interesting activities, such as the ‘Made in Chengdu’ exhibition of products and services, economic and trade linking activity, ‘Old Chinese brands’ travel to Thailand, cultural art performances from Chengdu, and many other activities.

In addition, Thailand and Chengdu City also held ‘The Economic and Trade Exchange Meeting’ to create new business opportunities through introducing Chengdu City to Thai businessmen. There was also a MOU signing ceremony all in favor of deepening cooperation with Thailand, as Chengdu City plans to expand its market in Thailand specially in modern service industry, modern agriculture, and cultural tourism.


The meeting and MOU signing ceremony was attended by, Mr. TaweesakLertprapan, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, Mr. LuoQiang, Mayor of Chengdu, Mr. VithitPowattanasuk, Thai Consul-General in Chengdu, Mr. Yang Xin, Chinese charge D’Affaires in Thailand, and more than 200 senior executives and entrepreneurs.

As for tourism, Chengdu City currently has direct flights to Thailand. There are more than 100 flights every week, with about 445,000 tourists fly directly from Chengdu to Thailand each year. Besides, there are 81,000 Thai tourists visiting Chengdu each year. This figure is expected to increase continuously.

Thailand and Chengdu City have a history of deep friendship since the opening of the Thai Consulate in Chengdu in 2005. Thai Exhibition has been held every year in Chengdu City to show Thai art and culture, Thailand’s interesting landmarks, and promoting Thai products. The latest Thai exhibition held in Chengdu was last June, which was attended by 71 Thai businessmen.


Copyedited by Wafaa Ezzat

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