WorldSkills ASEAN Bangkok 2018: The largest vocational skills competition in South East Asia | Focus

WorldSkills ASEAN Bangkok 2018 was held in Thailand at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani during 30 August – 4 September. It is considered the greatest vocational skills competition in South East Asia that brings young regional talents together in their chosen profession. There were 331 competitors and 260 experts from 10-member countries attending the event, performing specific tasks for each of the professional skills, as well as achieving international standards of quality.


The competition is held every two years. This year, the 12th ASEAN Skills Competition was held in Thailand as “WorldSkills ASEAN Bangkok 2018” and had young talents competing for medals in 26 skills; 1. Cooking 2. Restaurant Service 3. Hairdressing 4. Beauty Therapy 5. Mechatronics 6. IT Software Solutions for Business 7. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 8. Fashion Technology 9. Bricklaying 10. Graphic Design Technology 11. Cabinet Making 12. Car Painting 13.CNC Maintenance 14. Electronics 15. Electrical Installations 16. Automobile Technology 17. We Design and Development 18. Welding 19. Wall and Floor Tiling 20. Mobile Robotics 21. Joinery 22. Mechanical Engineering 23. IT Network Systems Administration 24. Information Network Cabling 25. Industrial Automation 26. Internet of Things


The ASEAN Skills Competition is known as the largest professional education event in South East Asia that also provides contact and exchange of information on best practices in professional education among industry leaders, governments, and education experts.

The experience and the results of the competition provide valuable feedback to the competitors, their countries, businesses, and schools in which they are being trained. The competition is also an opportunity for children to experience and engage in technical and skilled careers.

And here is the result of the competition “World Skills ASEAN Bangkok 2018”:




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