“Puppy Boy” or “Wolfdog Boy”?  | Chat With Chinese

By Liao Bowen, Yang Mingzhuo


People are really good at creating internet slang especially when it comes to describing good-looking people. Xiao Lang gou and Xiao Nai gou are two of the popular new slang.

Xiao nai gou (Puppy) are considerate, innocent, sweet, clingy and loyal to his companion, while xiao lang gou (Wolfdog) are cool, domineering, aggressive and makes his companion feel secure.

In fact, the two metaphors are frequently used by fans, mostly girls, to describe male pop idols in their teens or early 20s. To some extent, xiao nai gou or xiao lang gou represent a change of Chinese women’s perspectives on the ideal companion. Now they are freer to have more choices. Older men who are knowledgeable, decent and have loads of life experience are no longer the only choice for women. Xiao nai gou or xiao lang gou bring fresh face, fresh air and fresh love experiences.

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