The Hottest Mobile Game in China? | Chat With Chinese

By Ning Shuang, Yang Mingzhuo


Over the course of the past few years, a large number of online and mobile games developed by Chinese companies have become popular among Chinese of various ages. Among the long list of popular Chinese games, it’s difficult to pick just one that could be considered Chinese gamers’ favorite.

However, there are several popular ones that can help you make Chinese friends. For young people, Mobile Legends (Chinese: “wang zhe rong yao”), a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mobile game released on both Android and iOS in 2015, is extremely popular.With many original characters with Chinese features, it quickly became a hit among young people.

Other classical poker games like Dou Di Zhu, which is derived from traditional Chinese poker, have attracted a huge number of middle-aged players. When logging into online games already popular internationally, such as League of Legends, it’s also easy to meet new friends from China.

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