Why Leave the Metropolises? | Chat With Chinese

By Ning Shuang, Yang Mingzhuo


Believe it or not, escaping from first-tier cities, especially Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, has become a new trend among young Chinese people.

In the past, people deemed those who had left the megacities to be forced to leave by high living costs and pressure, rather than seeking a more comfortable lifestyle. However, with more balanced economic and social development around China, second and even third-tier cities are now the ideal destinations for an increasing number of young people. Providing abundant opportunities for young people to fulfill their pursuit for stability, similar facilities that meet their cultural and entertainment needs, but less living expenses, less pressure, more free time, and shorter commuting distance, these cities  have now become favorite choices. But some still insist to stay in  big metropolises where competitions are tough and intense, because of a belief that abundant opportunities, larger platform and higher degrees of openness there can help them chase their big dreams.

Which path would you choose?


Copyedited by Wang Yufan

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