Win Tin: CPC’s Outlook and Goodwill for the World Can Change the Global Order Towards Peace and Prosperity | Voice

Win Tin

Win Tin, Chief Editor of the Northern Light Journal, Myanmar:

The two sessions take place following the decisions and action plan adopted at the 19th CPC National Congress. It is good for China also for the rest of World. We can see and understand how CPC and the National People’s Congress try their best and work together to build modern China over the past two decades. I hope your country will get more benefit and achieve greater success thanks to the CPC’s bright vision and mission together with the right policy and forward movement. CPC’s outlook and goodwill for the world can change the global order towards peace and prosperity.

Within two decades China has gained so many benefits in every sector. This is due to your people’s party, the CPC’s strong and determined leadership as well as clean government and good governance. From my point of view, democracy is for the people by rule of law. China does not introduce the Western-style democracy, but CPC policy and action follow the rules of law and self-discipline for the people. The socialism with Chinese characteristics is an excellent policy to strengthen your status and effort to build a modern society. It is very suitable for China as a big and highly populated country. I believe the red star over China is ever shining and lighting for the world.

Copyedited by Wang Yufan, Wang Hai

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