Gan Tian Loo: More Support Expected for Overseas Chinese in Their Host Countries | Voice


Gan Tian Loo,Malaysian Chinese Youth Guild and Clan Federation Adviser, Special Envoy of Malacca to China:

As a fourth-generation Chinese born overseas, I consider it both an honor and a responsibility to have this opportunity to attend the CPPCC session. This is a manifestation of the transparency of China’s political system and an embodiment of the confidence of the Communist Party of China.

Over the last 500 years, economic globalization has developed with the West as the center. In the 21st century, the rapid rise of developing countries, represented by BRICS, opened a new era of economic globalization for a community of shared future for mankind. In particular, China has become the world’s second largest economy, with the most contribution to global economic growth.

As an envoy of friendly exchanges between Malaysia and China, I have personally witnessed and experienced the development of the bilateral exchanges. Since 1991, I have made numerous trips between the two countries,15 of them in 2017 alone. During the trips, I witnessed China’s development in society, economy, education, etc. As a nonvoting member, I personally attended the CPPCC session and learned about the rapid rise and development of my ancestral country. I will continue to promote the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and create more cooperation opportunities that will benefit the governments and people of both countries.

To participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, Malacca has unique advantages in human resources and geographic location. As Malacca’s special envoy to China, I will push forward the establishment of a regular and sustainable mechanism for the communication and cooperation between Malaysia and China.

Meanwhile, I’d like to suggest that my ancestral country pay more attention to the development of overseas Chinese, with the focus of the work on overseas Chinese affairs being shifted from seeking their support for the construction of the country to providing them with more support in developing their businesses and enterprises in their host countries.


Copyedited by Wnag Yufan, Wang Hai

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