Chinese Minister of Agriculture: Food Security Remains a Top Priority for National Governance | Voice

By Zhang Xiaotong


China’s grain yield has been increasing in recent years, but some say the use of fertilizers and pesticides in great amount has produced certain negative effects on the environment.

Chinese Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu answered questions concerning this issue raised by China Report Press from the “Ministers’ Passage” in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during the national “two sessions”.


Han pointed out that food security is a top priority for national governance. Fertilizers have played an important role in improving grain output, but it doesn’t mean China’s crops are “fed” by fertilizers. The increase of China’s grain production is realized due to well-designed policy, upgraded technology and improved investment. Our research has shown that the improvement in seedling has played the biggest role in this process. We did use large amounts of fertilizers in the past, which not only raised the production cost but also harmed the environment. Therefore China embarked on a campaign on reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan period. We had a negative growth in the use of pesticides in 2016, and fertilizers in 2017, realizing our goal of zero-growth in the use of fertilizers and pesticides under the 13th Five-Year Plan three years ahead of schedule.

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