How to Call a Chinese People for the First Time? | Chat With Chinese

By Ning Shuang, Yang Mingzhuo


How to call a Chinese people you meet at the first time?

The answers are various: formally, a gentleman can be referred to as “先生”(xiān shēng, means mister) and a lady as “女士” (nǚ shì); while leisurely, you can call a boy “帅哥”(shuài ge, means handsome boy) and a girl “美女” (měi nǚ, means fair lady). But the leisure ones are accepted better among young generations. When talking with middle-aged or elder people, you can call a gentleman “叔叔” (shū shu) and a lady “阿姨” (ā yí). However, you’d better not call any lady as “小姐” (xiǎo jiě, literally means miss), because this Chinese word bears negative meanings for young ladies. So, can you guess why John provoke the girl?


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