Join the First Southeast Asia Youth Summit Forum!

By Southeast Asia Association PKU

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The year of 2017, being ASEAN ‘s 50th anniversary , is also the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Southeast Asia Study in Peking University. Youth is an important participant in building China and Southeast Asia relationship, and an important reserve force for the study of the bilateral relationship. In order to promote academic exchange of youth between China and Southeast Asia, to build a platform for youth communication, and to seize the new starting point and opportunity for the development of China and Southeast Asia relationship, the Youth Thinktank of the Southeast Asia Association of Peking University sents an invitation to the global youth engaging in Southeast Asia study.


We sincerely welcome you to submit your papers and join in the First Southeast Asia Youth Summit Forum in Peking University on October 14, 2017.

The Forum is hereby notified as follows:

I. Theme of the Forum

50 Years of ASEAN: Historical Experience and Future Prospect


II. Related sub-topics

China and ASEAN
Southeast Asia and Great Powers
Country studies in Southeast Asia
Regional and subregional organizations
Maritime Silk Road


III. Introduction

Please submit your paper to the mail of the Organizing Committee of the Forum : before September 15, 2017. The requirements of this thesis are detailed.

The author of the paper must be a postgraduate or a doctoral student in Chinese universities, Southeast Asian universities or research institutions, or other young scholars interested in Southeast Asian studies.

The papers presented will be reviewed anonymously by the Committee of Experts before October 1, 2017. After being accepted, the author will be informed via email, etc. The notification message will be your proof of participant qualification and registration.

This Forum will invite editorial staff of famous journals such as “Journal of Contemporary Asia – Pacific Studies”, “Contemporary International Relations”, “Southeast Asian Studies”, “World Affairs”, “Global Times”, “International Communications”, etc.

Registration fee or any other expenses shall not be charged. The lunch is free, but the accommodation and travel expenses are on your own.

The conference proceedings and other exquisite commemorative gifts will be presented to participants of the Forum. A welcome lunch will be held on October 14, 2017.


IV. Agenda

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2017.
Confirmation date of paper acceptance: before October 1, 2017.
Date of the Forum: October 14, 2017 (Specific arrangements will be announced).


V. Requirements

Please select perspective from the above-mentioned sub-topics. The paper needs to highlight the innovation and embody the reasonable application of the research method of social science. Word account should be between 8,000 – 15,000.

The Forum does not accept published papers and does not accept papers that are going to be used by other institutions or journals. Once the paper is accepted, the Southeast Asia Association of Peking University will enjoy the priority of use.

The organizing committee of the forum reminds contributors to follow academic norms and academic ethics.

Paper formats:
(1)For the text of this paper, please use 12-point font size and line spacing of 1.5 times. Chinese abstractions and keywords should be appended. All drawings and tables involved shall be drawn in specification. Please refer to the scope of “The Journal of International Studies” for comments. Refer to the following web site for specific requirements:;
(2)At the end of the article, please attach the author’s profile, indicating name, university, school, major, grade, phone number, and email address;
(3)The paper can be written in Chinese or English.Please use the electronic version in Word format in E-mail attachment for submission. The subject of e-mail should be marked with “Submit + University Name + Author Name”. The title of the attachment should be “Name + Paper Title”.


Contact information:

The work of the forum and the e-mail address of submitting a paper:

Contact person: Wang Lina & Deng Han

Find our more at:

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