The Thai Festival 2017: Discovering Thailand Through the Street Food | China Thailand

Tan Xingyu, Wang Jiping


Delicious Thai street food, beautiful dances and heart-breathing Thai boxing shows…  The Thai Festival 2017, themed “Joyful Land of Smiles and World’s Best Street Food”, held on August 19 at the Royal Thai Embassy to China in Beijing, was a carnival filled with colors, delicacies and glamour. More importantly, the event was intended to boost the relationship between the Chinese and Thai peoples and attract more visitors to Thailand by promoting the Thai street food.

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“Thai street food provided to our Chinese friends today is specially selected by us. Though they are only part of our street food, I think they are delicious enough to show that the Thai street food is the best in the world,” H.E. Mr. Piriya Khempon, the Thailand’s Ambassador to China told China Report ASEAN. He hopes that food can inspire more Chinese people to learn more about Thailand and even to travel there.

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According to the statistics by Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS), in the first seven months of this year, about 20.41 million tourists visited Thailand, of whom 5.65 million were Chinese, bringing revenue of US$8.7 billion.

Khempon said that 2017 marks the ASEAN-China Year of Tourism, and that Thailand will do more things to promote tourism cooperation between China and Thailand. Providing more convenient and smart tourist services is part of the effort.

“Communication is difficult for tourists that who can not understand the Thai language. Now we provide Street Food App that can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play and this app supports English, Thai and Chinese,” said Khempon.

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