2017 INILAH Malaysia: Students promote friendship between China and Malaysia

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By Wang Jiping

2017 INILAH Malaysia was held on April 22, 2017 at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). Principally hosted by AMSIB (the Association of Malaysian Students in Beijing), the cultural festival has played an active role in promoting deeper understanding and friendship between students from Malaysia and China, and encouraged future educational and cultural communication between the two peoples.

Malaysia and China are good neighbors and friends, and bilateral cooperation across a range of fields is developing quickly, said John K. Samuel, the Deputy Chief of Mission from the Embassy of Malaysia in China. He greatly appreciated the students’ efforts for this year’s INILAH Malaysia, adding that, as the future of the two countries, communication among young people is very important and should be advanced all the time.


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Zhang Baojun, director of the office of International Cooperation and Communication of BLCU also agreed with John K. Samuel’s opinion, adding that he and the university will do more to promote bilateral communication among young people.

At 2017 INILAH Malaysia, Malaysian Students showed off their traditional dances and craft arts, while offering delicious Malaysian food and drinks to visitors. Some of them told China Report ASEAN that as overseas students in China, not only do they want to learn Chinese languages and understand the country’s culture, but they also hope to introduce Malaysia to local Chinese students and overseas students from other countries. INILAH Malaysia is undoubtedly a good way to do just that.

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    Liu Li, a Chinese student from the China University of Geosciences told China Report ASEAN that she was invited by friends at BLCU and was fascinated by the many beautiful handicrafts, such as Batik, that she had never seen before.

    “Through playing games with my newly acquainted Malaysian friends, I truly feel their warmth and friendship. I hope I can travel to Malaysia this summer,” said Li Jian, a Chinese student from BLCU to China Report ASEAN.

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