A day at Dali town fair | Through The Lens

Photo by 蚕蚕儿 (mafengwo.com)

People love the city of Dali, in southwest China’s Yunnan province, for the fresh air, the slow pace of life, the hospitable locals and of course delicious Yunnan food…

However, as popular as it is, downtown Dali can seem over-commercialized. So, if you want to see another side to the city, spend a whole morning soaking up the town fair in the northern part of the city and discover a new reason to fall in love with Dali.

Xizhou is a town of the Bai ethnic minority. Their traditional culture is still thriving in this part of town.


Traditional sugar is one of the most famous snacks there.
Local artisans sell all kinds of sweet shapes
The food in this part of the world has an unmistakable Southeast Asian influence!
Bai people are famous for their handmade art. Beautiful carpets are one of their most famous handicrafts.


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