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Broadcast of Beijing Youth proves a hit among Thai audiences

Photo 1 b
On Dec. 9, 2015, a press conference was jointly held by the Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, Thai Channel 9 MCOT HD and China Guangxi Television, announcing that more Chinese cultural products will be introduced to Thailand

By Pan Yingqiu

At the end of 2015, the Thai version of Beijing Youth, a Chinese TV series, dubbed by China Guangxi Television, was broadcast on Thai Channel 9 MCOT HD, which is owned by the Bangkok-based Mass Communication Organization of Thailand. The broadcast marked the first Chinese urban drama aired on a mainstream Thai TV channel.

Beijing Youth tells the story of a group of young people who were born and grew up in Beijing. The series shows how they explore new possibilities in their lives and strive to reach their goals and achieve happiness, which is an accurate depiction of young people’s values in modern China, as well as their sense of responsibility towards family, society and country. The drama premiered on Chinese television in August 2012 and turned out to be one of the most popular TV shows in China that year.

photo 2 b
A Thai poster for Beijing Youth, the first Chinese urban drama aired on mainstream Thai TV channels.

According to Sivaporn Chomsuwan, head of Channel 9 MCOT HD, the TV series enjoyed great popularity since it was suitable for families to watch together, and helped Thai audiences understand Chinese youth and their ways of life. Having attracted a large number of Thai fans, it has enriched SinoThai cultural exchanges and cooperation.

Korn Dabbaransi, president of the Thai-Chinese Friendship Association, noted that the promotion of television productions abroad is an important part of cultural exchange. He also hopes that there will be more popular Thai TV dramas introduced to China in the future.

photo 3
A still from the TV drama Beijing Youth

In recent years, Chinese TV series have made significant progress in terms of screenplays, scene design and production value. With the budget of each episode as high as 5 million yuan (US$720,000), some well-produced dramas have attracted a large number of overseas viewers. TV productions like Roots and Branches and Chinese Style Divorce are highly popular among Southeast Asian audiences.

photo 4
Actors starring in Beijing Youth at the press conference

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