Huawei, China Mobile, Deutsche Telecom, Volkswagen share their vision for 5G



MADRID – Huawei, China Mobile, Deutsche Telecom and Volkswagen on Wednesday gave their vision of the future of 5G networks with the publication of the book “5G Service Guaranteed Network Slicing”, Huawei Spain informed in a statement.

In the book, the main network providers, operators and their partners explore new business models made possible by the evolution of the current mobile network into the 5G era.

The arrival of 5G ultra-wide broadband will allow progress in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the “generation of new industry on an unprecedented scale”, the statement said.

It will also allow for the growth of other services, such as mobile health services, internet of vehicles, intelligent homes and industries, and better environmental control.

The arrival of 5G will bring connectivity to billions of new mobile devices, requiring greater flexibility in network management to cope with the new range of services, with many cloud-based services, using a technique called “network slicing” which allows a network to be segmented to support various different services and business needs.

“Huawei is making an effort to build a totally connected and ‘cloudified’ world through 5G,” explained Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei’s 5G product line.

“5G network slicing allows us to have a logical isolated network based on mobile networks to give different services in the future. Operators, providers, and vertical industries will have to cooperate and open the way for the commercialization of this technology,” he said.

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