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Thailand’s health tourism attracts people from around the world with cost-effective and unique exercises, diets and treatments

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By Sun Qi

The year of 2016 was coming to an end. Wang Jue, a Beijing local, was enjoying her holiday in Pattaya in southern Thailand, where the beaches are warm and the sunshine is bright. But sightseeing was not Wang’s only consideration, she also traveled to seek an experience unique to Thailand – a Thai spa regimen.

Thai-style spa regimens focus on health of the mind, body and spirit, which Wang believes to be the keys to fitness.

Spas in Thailand

Following the recommendation of one of her friends, Wang chose Pattaya as her destination and booked her tickets. After arriving at the resort, it wasn’t long before she entered the spa. She was greeted with a cold drink and a cool towel, a welcome relief from the heat.

Next was a massage. According to the masseuse, the traditional Thai massage method helps with yoga poses, strengthening blood circulation and pressure release. It is said that Thai massages can also help one lose weight. For those who want to shed a kilogram or two, many spas have tailored massage programs for weight-loss. Additionally, along with acupuncture, physiotherapy and psychological consultation, traditional massages can help
people quit smoking.

In the Kerala therapy, which originated in South India, a client relaxes right away thanks to the smell of incense, while feeling water across his or her body like gentle raindrops. The masseuse applies a home-made liquorice to the body, and thanks to the music and the scent of the incense, the client feels a detachment of spirit and thought. Thai massages, however, are rather different.

Body-centered, Thai-style techniques pay attention to inner peace and feature different focuses like life yoga, natural cures, weight management, fitness programs and water spa treatments. Special Thai health diets that spas advocate have been awarded the “World’s Best Spa Cuisine” several years in row as they promote organic, oil-free, sugar-free and salt-free foods.

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Tailored Thai Regimen

Wang joined the tailored health program she found at her hotel, which meant a pastoral lifestyle – rise with the sunrise and go to bed with sunset. For Wang, who lives in urban Beijing amidst a rich night life, the new timetable was challenging. On the first day, in which she followed her teacher to practice yoga at the seashore just after sunrise, Wang could hardly open her eyes. She began to question her decision, and thought perhaps she had ruined her holiday. But after she finished the first set of yoga and began to sweat as the sea breeze blew over, she felt a release of happiness. Following the teacher’s instructions, in the last few minutes, she even began to forget where she was, feeling thoroughly refreshed.

After her yoga class ended, Wang gazed out at the sea where a group of early-risers were engaged in various ocean sports. She decided to change her gym class to the ocean sports, and over the course of the next three hours, she tried surfing, windsurfing and sailing. She got a tan and felt a sense of freedom as she experienced athletic activities she had never attempted before.

Exercise and a balanced diet are important for health. So when deciding on a fitness scheme, Wang’s coach asked the cook to design a diet especially for her. The hotel’s garden grew many organic vegetables and fruits. Each day, Wang took in designated calories from lean meat, nutritious and high-fiber fruits and vegetables as well as desserts with ideal sweetness. In other words, her diet was low in cholesterol, fat and salt.

If customers are interested in cooking, they can attend one of Thailand’s renowned cooking classes. A healthy diet benefits one throughout a lifetime.

Indian yoga also comes with a number of unique benefits. Professional coaches guide students in stretches and adjustment of their movements. Yoga requires practitioners to balance their bodies, control their muscles, meditate, selfreflect and regulate their breathing. By exploring one’s own body, yoga helps people reach spiritual growth and probe into life’s origins.

Thai massage
Many tourists go to Thailand for physical checkups, dental care, beauty care and spas while travelling the country

Popular Health Tourism

Health tourism has grown increasingly popular in recent years. A world-class resort destination, Thailand is an industry trendsetter, offering unique programs.

Thailand’s health tourism covers beauty care, plastic surgery, spa and dental care. In Thailand, hospitals, clinics and beauty salons boast worldclass and luxurious facilities. At present, 17 hospitals in Thailand have received worldclass accreditation. In addition, the prices of such services in Thailand are only about half of those found in developed countries.

Therefore, many tourists go to Thailand for physical checkups, dental care, beauty care and spas while travelling the country.

In addition, the friendliness of the Thai people is known around the world. Visitors to the country can enjoy such friendliness everywhere, including at clinics and spas.


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