Chinese artists perform in Cambodian capital to greet Spring Festival | ChinaCambodia

By Xinhua


Artists from the Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of China’s Henan Museum performed traditional dances and music in Cambodia capital city last night (17th) to celebrate upcoming Chinese New Year.

Held at the Chenla Theater, the two-and-a-half-hour show, presided over by Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong and Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo, attracted about 600 spectators.

Namhong said the concert had importantly contributed to enhancing cultural relations and people-to-people contact between the two countries.


“In Cambodia, most Cambodian people as well as overseas Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival,” he said, adding that the Cambodian people usually observed New Year three times a year, namely Universal New Year, Chinese New Year, and Cambodian New Year in April.

The deputy prime minister said he had noted that the Chinese Spring Festival had been celebrated broadly around the world, including in France and the United States.


Xiong said that Henan province is the cradle of ancient China’s Huaxia civilization and more than 20 dynasties chose their capitals to be located in Henan.

He said the Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra of Henan Museum is the living fossil of Chinese ancient music.

The ambassador said the concert had not only entertained the audience, but also provided an opportunity for them to learn about Chinese ancient music and dances.

At the event, Cambodian artists also performed their traditional music and songs.

The concert has received strong admiration from viewers.

Tep Savry, the senior student at the Royal University of Fine Arts, said it was the first time that she had watched Chinese arts performance and praised China for having preserved its ancient culture well.

“It was an amazing performance that featured Chinese culture in old times,” she told Xinhua after the show. “Previously, I used to see Chinese ancient dances and music through movies only, but now, I see them with my own eyes.”

“All artists are very talented and they have performed well,” she said.

Another spectator said he had never seen such a wonderful performance before.

“The concert brings closer cultural relations between the two countries and encourages Cambodian people to study Chinese language so that they can learn more about Chinese culture,” said high-school student Lim Hong Sreng.

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