Chinese Gastronomy Celebrated Along the Seine

Chinese cuisine once again dazzled the planet as La Liste released its latest ranking of 1,000 best restaurants worldwide on December 5, 2016, in Paris.


Wu Li (right), president of the Supervision Committee of the World Federation of the Chinese Catering Industry, poses with Philippe Faure after signing a strategic partnership agreement.

Sanctioned by France’s Foreign Ministry and launched in December 2015, La Liste (or “The List” in English) is a “guide of guides” that provides a scientific and objective global selection of top eateries based on an algorithm system with data from nearly 400 dining guidebooks and online review sites. Its criteria cover a wide spectrum from the quality of food to ambience and service. This year marks the second edition of La Liste, which crowns French chef Guy Savoy’s Paris restaurant the best in the world, while geographically Japan tops the list with 116 entries, France comes in second with 113, and China (including China’s mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) ranks third with 100 restaurants on the roster, a leap from last year’s fourth place with 69 restaurants nominated.

Hundreds of officials, diplomats, chefs, food critics and journalists attended the award ceremony on December 5, honoring top dining establishments and savoring the glamorous food presented by representative award winners. Also in attendance was Guan Jian, Chinese Minister-Counselor to France, who told China Report that Sino-French exchanges in food and cuisine are of great significance to promoting mutual understanding and friendship. “Gastronomy is an interpreter of culture, and both China and France have a long history of food culture,” he said. “With such a shared background, the two countries harbor great potential for exchanges in terms of culinary history, brands, and culture.” Throughout its history, China has fostered a colorful diversity of cuisine, and La Liste has provided an opportunity for global food lovers to understand and celebrate Chinese gastronomic culture, Guan added.

Bobby Lo, executive chef of the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse, the top-ranking Chinese restaurant on the list, brought their signature dim sum dishes to the ceremony. “It is a great honor to be invited as the only Chinese restaurant to this grand event,” he said. “We really appreciate La Liste’s recognition and support. When it comes to food, apart from taste and presentation, food safety is also very important … [We will] make sure we consistently deliver quality and safe food to our customers.”

As a distinguished guest from China attending the award ceremony, Wu Li, president of the Supervision Committee of the World Federation of the Chinese Catering Industry (WFOCCI), noted: “Today is a big day for food lovers around the world.” According to Wu, France was the first major country in the West to establish diplomatic relations with China, and La Liste is the first world-class dining ranking to introduce Chinese cuisine to the rest of the world. On behalf of the WFOCCI, Wu extended appreciation to La Liste for its efforts in showcasing Chinese gastronomy on the global stage and announced the formal establishment of a strategic partnership with La Liste. He also extended an invitation to La Liste founder Philippe Faure to hold next year’s awards pageant in Beijing.

In addition, La Liste has launched a smartphone application in six languages, including Chinese, bringing its 1,000 top-rated restaurants to international travelers, as well as a selection of 10,000 “Best Value” eateries in 135 countries and regions that feature high-quality food at reasonable prices.


Guy Savoy (second from right, front), the head chef and owner of the eponymous top-ranking restaurant in Paris, receives award from La Liste founder Philippe Faure (left).  Courtesy of


Bobby Lo, executive chef of the Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse. Courtesy of


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