The first China-ASEAN Youth Summit

The first China-ASEAN Youth Summit begins tomorrow, December 2 2016, at Peking University.

The 3-day event is organised by Peking University Institute of Ocean Research and Sina Global and is sponsored by The Belt and Road Fund.  It is supported by the ASEAN-China Centre and the Centre for China and Globalization.

The theme for this unique summit is ‘Voices of Youth on China-ASEAN cooperation’.  Academics, experts and representatives of both Chinese and ASEAN student bodies will come together to discuss the role of young people in the ongoing development of China-ASEAN relations.

Friday morning’s opening ceremony will include speeches from some of the summit’s most important attendees, including a keynote speech by H.E. Mme. Yang Xiuping, Secretary-General of the ASEAN-China Centre.

Following the opening ceremony, Zhai Kun, Director of the Centre for Global Policy Studies, Peking University Institute of Ocean Research, will deliver a seminar titled “China-ASEAN relations 1991~2016~2041, Our Common Future”.  The lecture should provide fascinating insights into the subject for the rest of the summit to build on.

A key highlight of the summit begins on Tuesday.  The model conference aims to establish a platform for dialogue and cooperation among youths and simulate real-world workings of China-ASEAN diplomacy and negotiation.  Five committees have been selected to cover the major issues of the China-ASEAN region:

China-ASEAN Leaders’ Summit.  Topic: The Future of China-ASEAN Relations Against the Backdrop of One Belt One Road Initiative

China-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youths.  Topic: Youth Entrepreneurship

China-ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting.  Topic: Regional Transport Network

ASEAN +3 Meeting.  Topic: Tourism Cooperation.

East Asia Summit.  Topic: Disaster Management.

These meetings will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people from China and ASEAN countries to discuss the region’s most important issues.  On Saturday evening the Xihua Business Hotel will host a cultural night and on Sunday morning the committees will give the presentations before the closing ceremony.

Young people will play a crucial role in China-ASEAN ties in the years ahead, which makes this first youth summit so intriguing.

As the official media supporting organization of the event, China Report ASEAN will keep you informed about the youth summit via live updates on our Facebook pages.  Let us know what you think with your comments and do share with your friends.




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