Scholar: China should import ASEAN labor force to battle aging population


(People’s Daily Online)

China could further ease its visa policies to facilitate labor flow from ASEAN countries into China’s aging society, suggested a consultant of the State Council.

Addressing the annual Conference on China’s Economy and International Cooperation in Beijing, the consultant, Wang Huiyao, proposed that a demonstration zone of China-ASEAN free labor flow be established.

“China has an aging society, while ASEAN countries are rich in labor population. There are maybe 200,000 more Filipino housekeepers in China, who may not be holding work visas. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese technicians are working in Guangxi. All this shows that we have a sound cooperation basis with ASEAN countries for mid- and high-level work forces,” Wang said.

“Cooperation on human resources could be the biggest growth opportunity for China-ASEAN cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative,” added Wang, who is also director of the Center for China and Globalization.

By easing visa policies, Wang explained, the inflow of human labor could solve the labor shortage facing some coastal cities in China.

Wang stressed that tourism will be an additional key component of promoting the Belt and Road Initiative among ASEAN countries.


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