Mobike is mushrooming in China | Trending

What’s the most popular way for Chinese millennials to get around? 

Uber? Didi? Taxi? Bus? 


A new app called Mobike (摩拜单车 offers a green, healthy and cheap way of commuting, by renting a bicycle using your phone.

How can you get one? 

Step1 Download the app and find the nearest available bike.


Step2 Go find the bike and scan the QR code to unlock it.


Step3 Park your bike in a parking bayclose to your destination.


Step4 Pay your bill via Wechat or AliPay automatically.


The Mobike app went viral in its first week in Beijing and Shanghai, attracting thousands of followers online. The company’s wish is to change people’s transportation behaviour.  The striking orange colour bikes are now all over major cities in China.


So, on yer bike!




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